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Crypto Marketing focuses on providing marketing, promotional, and translation services for cryptocurrency businesses. We help companies earn recognition, by promoting them through influencers and social media, and help them expand their business into emerging markets.

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The need for Marketing

In the crypto world

The crypto world has been rising exponentially in the past years. And with these advancements, many useful projects start to surge. However, most of these lack the brand recognition that will allow them to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Our Solution

CM focuses mainly on startups. We help promote crypto businesses on social media platforms (Youtube, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram), connect their team with influencers, and translate their website and documents. This way, we help companies earn more brand recognition and reputation, therefore attracting more investors.


What's coming over the next months:

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Q3 2024

  • LLC filing

  • Service Mark application
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Q4 2024

  • CM business Promotion

  • Partnerships incoming
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Q1 2025

  • New UI launch

  • Business Expansion
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Q2 2025

  • Incorporation of all Services in the platform

  • Launch of $MKTG (ERC-20) in the Ethereum network

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